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Hi, I'm Carmen!

As a UX designer who has often been the sole designer in many of my projects, I have learned to become a multidisciplinary designer and leader throughout the entire design process.


Some of the roles that I’ve dabbled with range from execution and pushing pixels at a junior level, to creating design systems and taking on a senior role by managing a junior designer, to writing detailed product scopes.

For the next path in my career, I hope to find a place that will allow me to continuously learn, grow and explore my passion as a designer.


I am based in Canada, currently living in Montreal.


Before Narcity Media, I came from a traditional interdisciplinary design background.

I am a self taught UX/UI designer with over 5 years of experience, who started her career in Graphic Design in 2012.


What really drives me in life and why I became a designer,

lies in the constant opportunity to create products that can impact users in a positive way. By building connections with the user, I hope to better understand their pain points in order to solve their problems, while improving their overall experiences.


When I travel, I’m obsessed with discovering coffee shops and documenting my food adventure.

(shout out @yi_ling_eats 🙋🏻‍♀️).


I also have a big love for teaching, mentoring & leading.

I was an Executive Director for East2West where I ...


  • Guided a Montreal-based performance group with over 70 performers


  • Grew a YouTube channel to 1.2 million subscribers


  • Led and organized local events of 1000 people


  • Conducted bi-yearly auditions with over 150 applicants


  • Hosted general team meetings


  • Established organization’s management infrastructure of 7 departments


  • Managed communication with external organizations

  • Hosted monthly external dance workshops

  • Set up online store for merchandise

All while managing internal relationships and building trust within the team.


If you think I'll be a great fit for your team, let's get in touch!

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